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About Workshops / Seminars & Retreats in General:


Much of the function of weekly classes is as a weekly relaxation and re-balancing session to release the tensions built up during the week, with some time also dedicated to developing your knowledge and ability.  

Workshops and retreats allow much longer periods to develop your internal awareness and ability in a group energy enabling you to make jumps in your ability and understanding. This is invaluable if you are interested in going deeper into the subjects and so helps you get more from your practise. People report that workshops and retreats deepen their level of practise and that they generally have a nice time, as there is a relaxed but coherent learning environment like in classes. We recommend them for anyone wanting to really get into the Internal Arts

  • You can attend day 1, or 1 + 2, or 1+2+3, etc up to all 5 days. The more you can stay the better, but a day or two can be very helpful too

  • In general, all levels are catered for with a minimum of one terms' experience or equivalent at O.I.A., see individual workshop or retreat information for details




January 13th - 17th
Early Bird Booking by December 18th

Winter Meditation Retreat
including Gods Playing in the Clouds Qigong:

Releasing into Space: Relaxed Openness & Spontaneity

The Last Two Years: Ice to Water

Over the last two years we have been working with developing continuous presence and awareness, and slowly relaxing these as we release the tensions from our energies - thoughts, feelings, sensations.

This largely corresponds to dissolving from "ice to water" in Taoist Water method meditation, where we practice gradually relaxing from a more fixed sense of self holding on to relatively fixed ideas and fairly charged energies, to being more present, open, flexible and responsive in the flow of life.

This Year: Water to Space

This year we will clarify and continue the above process.

We will focus however on relaxing into the “space” or openness of the mind, corresponding to dissolving from “water to space”.

This refers to fully releasing the attaching of our sense of self to the flow of the contents of our mind so that we can come to perceive the mind itself, the openness or “space” through which the contents of the mind arise and move and which illuminates these contents with effortless presence and awareness.


This enables our sense of self and all our energies to become much smoother and lighter in the flow of life.

More fundamentally however, this describes moving from basing our presence, awareness and lives in conceptual understanding, habits, beliefs and their associated energetic shapes or forms, to relaxing into the present openness of the mind and living within that openness, without solidifying again into conceptualisation and control, i.e. back to "water and ice".

Enabling this shift requires some unexpected relaxing of fundamental habits and assumptions in order to allow this natural presence and spontaneity to arise more easily and operate with continuity, and without which we tend to shut the possibility for openness down.

The Retreat:

We will approach this through meditation, reflection and key partner work to provide clear contrasts between basing ourselves in our habitual, more fixed, conceptual approach to ourselves and the world, and a more relaxed open presence in the world

We will also make use of the simple movements of Gods Playing in the Clouds Qigong.
This will give us a break from sitting and enable us to open the body and its energies also! Through Gods we will continue working with how the energies of the right and left channels release into the centre channel so that we become more aware of the inherent spaciousness of all our energies, and how our energies manifest from and in that spaciousness. This clarifies and empowers our knowledge of openness and its relationship to our experiences


  • You can attend day 1, or 1 + 2, or 1+2+3, etc up to all 5 days of each retreat. The longer you can stay, the better

  • All are welcome who have at least one year’s experience of dissolving practice, and two terms’ qigong experience at Oxinar or equivalent (email me if in doubt). You do not need to know the movements of Gods Playing in the Clouds

  • Those new to Oxinar will be sent a video class, which will be made available on booking. The information and techniques contained in it will be assumed in my teaching so that we are all on the same page and the whole class can progress together

  • EMAIL ME FOR COMPLETE INFORMATION - or to discuss anything

Accommodation in Oxford:

Here are some useful links for places to stay in and around Oxford (N.B. there is often a map option and several search filters which are very helpful).  If you are interested in sharing accommodation, let us know and we will put you in touch with others. Sometimes local participants at retreats have also some room at their houses, if you are interested let us know

For self-catering, B&B, camping, hotels etc, try these links:  Link 1   Link 2.  If you're looking into backpackers etc, the YHA is much the best option

To rent rooms in Oxford University Colleges

For airbnb.com where you can rent apartments, cottages, houses, or even just a room in a house often at very good value, especially if a number of you are clubbing together

For more cottages in the area

For accommodation in the Cotswold area just north of Oxford (including hotels, B&B, cottages, Farmhouse stays, camping etc), you can also try these links: Link 1  Link 2

The teacher, Gio Maschio, has been running regular retreats since 2004 and teaching for nearly 25 years, focusing on self-healing and meditation. He is one of BK Frantzis most experienced students certified to teach all Energy Arts subjects, has studied with a number of other teachers and masters, and is founder of the Qigong for Acupuncturists course at the UK's largest college of Chinese medicine. He also hosts Bruce's yearly retreats on qigong and meditation in Oxford


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