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Qigong and tai chi seminars




About Workshops / Seminars & Retreats in General:


Much of the function of weekly classes is as a weekly relaxation and re-balancing session to release the tensions built up during the week, with some time also dedicated to developing your knowledge and ability.  

Workshops and retreats allow much longer periods to develop your internal awareness and ability in a group energy enabling you to make jumps in your ability and understanding. This is invaluable if you are interested in going deeper into the subjects and so helps you get more from your practise. People report that workshops and retreats deepen their level of practise and that they generally have a nice time, as there is a relaxed but coherent learning environment like in classes. We recommend them for anyone wanting to really get into the Internal Arts

  • You can attend day 1, or 1 + 2, or 1+2+3, etc up to all 5 days. The more you can stay the better, but a day or two can be very helpful too

  • In general, all levels are catered for with a minimum of one terms' experience or equivalent at O.I.A., see individual workshop or retreat information for details


Summary of 2017-2018 Retreats:

These are the confirmed dates for Oxinar Retreats for the 2017-2018 for people to pencil into diaries. Dates will only be changed with as much prior notice as possible

Spring Retreats:

· May 6th-10th
· May 27th-31st

   Please see below for full details of the Spring Retreats

Summer Retreats:

· Late July / early August
· Late August

These will continue what we started in spring, with a greater emphasis on maximising our energy, spiralling energy and smoothly opening our field and circulation to open and stabilise the heart. One of these dates (probably the first) may become a weekend / long-weekend. More info soon.

Autumn Weekends: 

· September 30th - October 2nd
· October 14th - 16th OR October 28th - November 1st - let me know your preference!

The first long-weekend will be a preparation for Bruce Frantzis October Retreat in Oxford (dates not set as yet), which will involve presence, the motion of the mind, and relaxing especially our mental energy.

In our long weekend ww will also continue our work with balancing the left and right sides and spinal qigong, and how this develops more clarity in meditation.

The second long-weekend will be clarifying and becoming more confident with what Bruce presented (very handy), and again continuing our work with balancing the left and right sides and spinal qigong, and how this develops more clarity in meditation.

Winter Retreat:

· January 13-17 2018

Taoist Meditation and Inner Dissolving, carrying on what we began this January and in our Skype Sessions, this time paying more attention to finding spacious natural presence within our energies as they arise, so that it becomes easier to relax into the flow of life.


Oxinar Spring Retreats:

Opening the Body & Expressing Our Energies to Become More Relaxed & Present

  • Part 1: May 6th-10th
    Initiating: Opening, Organising & Expressing

  • Part 2: May 27th-31st
    Staying Open: Expanding, Finding Circularity & Ease


The main feature of spring practices is to open our body and energies in harmony with the growth and movement occurring in nature and inside us. We enable our body and energies to open, move and express themselves in an organised yet relaxed way. We learn how to move away from force, anger and frustration to activate and move our energy, and instead towards coherent but relaxed expansiveness, enjoyment and even light as the path to open the body, energy and mind. Done well we relax our presence and energy significantly in the process.

This will be a practice retreat with an emphasis not only on learning but especially on integrating what we learn, especially for people who are more familiar with the material


  • Physically, we enable all the tissues of the body to grow / open without force, especially the fascia, ligaments, joints, spine, organs and breathing mechanism. Opening without force enables our energy and mind to relax and open up naturally. Key to this is understanding how our fluids and tissues interact and support this opening

  • Energetically, we become more aware of and relax open (dissolve) the points (gates), channels and energetic field around the body in a relaxed way, and enable the emotions to awaken and circulate more freely.

  • The Mind: It is easy to be disturbed and agitated by the movement and energy of spring and our resistance to movement and change. We will work closely with the meditative aspects of the practices (continuing through our Skype Sessions), lightening our presence and energy through dissolving practices, without losing our centre and lower dandien. In this way we can more easily integrate the expanded energy and movement of spring time more seamlessly in the flow of life

  • We will make use of sitting, standing and moving practices, including simple forms many of you are familiar with (Qigong Standing Energy Postures, Opening the Energy Gates and Gods Playing in the Clouds) to get the job done as well and easily as possible. Especially in spring, it is better to move between different forms as need be, rather than sticking to one form only

  • Those of you less familiar with these forms will be taught the basics to get things going well. The forms we use are simple, effective and easily learned. Everyone will get their forms upgraded, especially to meet their particular needs

  • We will be working with The Marriage of Heaven & Earth Qigong also as it is particularly efficient in opening up bodies and energy which resist opening! For those with experience, we will also incorporate a little Spiralling Energy Body practise to supercharge our energy and open it more effectively

  • We will continue developing balancing the right and left sides and spinal qigong according to your level of familiarity with this: bring your notes! 

  • All this will be done in a smooth, relaxed and seamless way which enables to focus on the main purpose of the forms rather than only the details

The First Retreat will begin this process, focusing more on how to initiate it and get things going. It will be especially useful if we tend to be stagnant, stuck it resistant ant to change. We will tend to work more with opening points through dissolving, and more linear but balanced and organised rising and falling movements and energies, as well as how to integrate them in relaxed presence

The Second Retreat will quickly open things up again and then move into releasing into a more fluid open state with less of a tendency to close back down again. Here we tend more to work with spirals and continuous, balanced circular and spherical centre to periphery energy movements in all our forms

  • You do not need to have attended the first retreat to come to the second, even though the second retreat will be a continuation of the first

  • You can attend day 1, or 1 + 2, or 1+2+3, etc up to all 5 days of each retreat

  • If you have a choice, attending both dates, even for fewer days, is the best option. The second retreat will reinforce what you learned in the first one and get it deeper in your system than attending just one retreat. So, the best scenario might be attending both retreats fully. But attending say 3 or four days on both retreats will be much better than 5 days on one retreat. Of course if you can only make one retreat, that will be great too

  • All levels catered for with a minimum of one term's experience or equivalent at Oxinar.

  • You need no prior experience of any form to attend and benefit. We will form different groups as needed for everyone to progress as well as possible


South Leigh Village Hall just north of Oxford, near Eynsham, with free parking available.

If you don't have a car, lifts will be available from Oxford town centre from other participants at the event, contact me if you need a lift


For the weekend we will be going to Worton Organic Farm for an excellent lunch in a beautiful, nearby, natural place. This will need to be booked in advance!

We will once again be providing delicious Persian food on the weekdays or we will provide freshly made, hot, vegetarian, gluten and dairy free soup and bread (not gluten free) at £5 per head. Many supplement it with meats, cheese etc.

I will email details and booking requests nearer the time

Timing of the Days:

10.30am - 6.00pm. We may vary this a little depending of what attendees prefer

Booking & Early Bird Discount:

Prices for Each retreat for Full Payment By April 6th


£65 for the first, second and third day you attend
£55 for the fourth and fifth daysIf you qualify for the discounts below, please adjust payment as necessary!

For more etails if needed email me

If you can't manage full payment by this date please email me


  • Full time students pay £50 per day throughout.

  • First Workshop? First day student price!

  • Long-Time Attendees: 10% Discount (students at Oxinar for 2+ years, &/or regular attendees of seminars and retreats for 2+ years)

Prices After April 6th:

Add 15% to the above prices, and discounts no longer apply other than discount offered if this is your first workshop


N.B. If you have any difficulties booking by the Early Bird cut-off date or if you cannot afford the full fee but would like to attend please email me, no one will be turned away for money reasons

PLEASE EMAIL ME TO BOOK - letting me know how many days you will attend or to discuss anything



Accommodation in Oxford:

Here are some useful links for places to stay in and around Oxford, N.B. there is often a map option and several search filters which are very helpful.  If you are interested in sharing accommodation, let us know and we will put you in touch with others.  Occasionally local participants at retreats have also some room at their houses, if you are interested let us know

For self-catering, B&B, camping, hotels etc, try these links:  Link 1   Link 2.  If you're looking into backpackers etc, the YHA is much the best option

To rent rooms in Oxford University Colleges

For airbnb.com where you can rent apartments, cottages, houses, or even just a room in a house often at very good value, especially if a number of you are clubbing together

For more cottages in the area

For accommodation in the Cotswold area just north of Oxford (including hotels, B&B, cottages, Farmhouse stays, camping etc), you can also try these links: Link 1  Link 2

The teacher, Gio Maschio, is one of BK Frantzis most experienced students and founder of the Qigong for Acupuncturists required course at the largest college of Chinese medicine in the UK. He is certified to teach all Energy Arts subjects by BK Frantzis and hosts Bruce's yearly retreats on qigong and meditation in Oxford


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